This Negan And Rick “Coincidence” Changes Everything…


In “The Big Scary U,” Negan told Father Gabriel the truth about his background and his wife. While he doesn’t give away every single clue, is it possible that Rick Grimes and Negan’s wife were in the same hospital during the outbreak?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back in the first season, we found out that Rick Grimes awoke in a hospital, alone. Presumably, based on the dead bodies in the area, the hospital was evacuated and the staff forgot about those in a coma.

Likewise, Negan and his wife were still in the hospital while the apocalypse went on outside of their window.

Negan Story Before The Outbreak

Negan Wife | Photo Credit Cayden

Before the outbreak, Negan was a teacher who cheated on his wife regularly. Based on some info from Here’s Negan and the latest episode, “The Big Scary U,” we know a little more about the family.

When his wife was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to fix his ways and be a better husband. Despite being a little too late, he decided to stay by her bedside for the final moments of her life.

There, by her bedside, he waited until she passed away and then some. Assuming that the hospital was also evacuated, he could have been the last one there.

Did These Two Enter Outbreak Together?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

While there’s no proof thus far, it’s possible that these two were in the same hospital. Negan, like everyone else, had no idea was going on outside, but he chose to stay in the moment.

It’s possible that he left the hospital moments before Rick Grimes woke up. In addition, it’s also possible that Rick Grimes woke up moments before his future enemy decided to leave his dead wife.

In his weakest moment, it’s unclear if Negan’s wife (Lucille) reanimated or not. Presumably, since he tells Father Gabriel that he stayed too long, it’s possible that she turned into a walker. In fact, this could have been the first walker he killed.

Before Negan arrived at the end of Season 6, there’s really no proof that he’s been on the show before he actually arrived. However, it’s possible that these two entered the apocalypse together, in the same hospital.

Do you think we’ll hear a backstory that connects these two stories?

  • Kim Hill

    I’m thinking that I’m not sure how this will unfold I’m very excited for Sunday Night ‘s episode The Walking Dead! AWESOME AMAZING BEST SHOW EVER!

  • Debbie Denbow Kleindienst

    Rick seemed to have woken up and left the hospital way into the event. Like weeks it seemed, so I can’t see Negan staying in the hospital that long with all the stuff going on outside. Rick being in a coma he could hear or see what was going on. Just doesn’t jive

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