Hilarious New Skit Shows This Walking Dead Actors Great Zombie-Slayers, But Horrible Intern


Esquire Hires TWD Actors As Interns

Ross Marquand | Photo Credit Esquire

Ross Marquand from The Walking Dead is known for being a great actor and possibly an even better impressionist. However, based on a recent video, he makes a terrible intern when Esquire hired him for the summer.

In a new sketch produced by Esquire, Ross Marquand’s new job is that of an intern for the massive media outlet. He’s in charge of booking interviews with celebrities, such as Kevin Spacey and Matthew McConaughey.

The actor uses his talents to destroy the competition.

Comic Book writes:

“In a new sketch produced by Esquire, Marquand becomes an intern at the massive media outlet, serving as a talent booker looking to schedule interviews. However, the actor uses his not-so-hidden talent to get a leg up on all of the other interns around him.”

“Rather than booking any of the guests, Marquand will call the editors and writers and claim to have a big name celebrity like Kevin Spacey or Justin Timberlake on the line when, really, he is going to change his own voice and put on an impression for a fake interview. The editors don’t catch on (for a while) but the other interns do… and they hate him for always being on the phone and making him get their coffee!”

Norman Reedus, The Intern From Hell

This sketch is similar to the original sketch where Norman Reedus interned for a day at Esquire. Reedus had a similar experience to Marquand, but obviously with fewer impressions.

Reedus’ summer internship looked a little bit like when Tom Hanks originally got a job in the movie Big. He biked around the office, tossing out magazines, and doing his best to do his worst. The other interns described him as “aggressive.”

“I don’t know. I like magazines…” said Reedus, in the skit.

Are you ready to see these two back on set in The Walking Dead?

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