Guess How Many Living People Rick Grimes Has Killed So Far On The Walking Dead…


Rick Grimes Takes Lives, To Protect Lives

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fans on Redditt are actively arguing over the exact number of kills for Rick Grimes, but it’s clear the number is over thirty. One kill that remains on the fence, for example, would be Gareth’s brother Alex, who Rick used as a human shield.

In total, Rick has killed somewhere between 36-39 people back in the Season 6 finale, but he’s killed a few more during the Season 7 finale. In the beginning, Rick only killed two people who were about to harm the group, but now he’s willing and able to kill whoever gets in his way.

This doesn’t even count the hundreds of walkers Rick has killed, possibly doubling his numbers during the car weed-wacker scene with Michonne.

Rick Grimes Is Forced To Kill Shane 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the beginning, Shane was trying to steal Rick’s wife Lori and raise his son, Carl Grimes. In addition, he also physically tried to kill Rick Grimes when the two realized the group wasn’t big enough for both of them.

Rick stabbed Shane in his heart, but this happened because Shane basically made Rick kill him. Since Shane’s death, Rick has tried to kill everyone else with a headshot to avoid more walkers in the world.

Carl Grimes took out the reanimated Shane.

Now, Rick Grimes Kills For Less

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Up until Season 7, it seemed like Rick would do his best not to kill someone, even if they were a direct threat. There’s Randall, for example, who he had to kill back in Season 2, but now Rick doesn’t blink twice about knifing a dozen Saviors while they sleep in a compound.

Rick Grimes is now even too murderous for Carol, who Rick once banished from the group for killing two people who were about to turn. Perhaps one of the best things about this long-form series is how a character will change over several seasons.

Do you think Rick’s numbers will raise into the hundreds when the Saviors war begins in Season 8?

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