Fear the Walking Dead Star Seriously Injured On Set During Finale Shoot


The midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead, Season 3, just hit AMC and things are looking rough for the cast.

The two-hour premiere followed Ofelia’s shocking return and gave more details on the anthrax poisoning at Broke Jaw Ranch.

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

While trying to escape, Ofelia was caught by Madison and there was then a violent fight between the infuriated mother and the woman who poisoned her son. Madison Clark actress Kim Dickens said she enjoyed the scene.

On Talking Dead, she described it as “really fun” and maybe her “favorite scene!”

Cat Fight Turns Violent On Set Of Fear

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Comic Book writes:

“It was great on the page, right?” Dickens went on. “It was exciting to think we had to have a catfight. It was all rehearsed and all that stuff but you know it’s fun to beat the crap out of her.”

“Catching that there might be more to the story, Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick asked Dickens if she actually injured Ofelia Salazar actress Mercedes Mason, with Mason chiming in, “Yeah, did you hurt her, Kim?”

Actress Tells Fight Details On Talking Dead 

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit Talking Dead

Chris Hardwick pried a little more for the truth:

“I didn’t hurt her,” Dickens claimed with a smirk. “The problem is I took her cinnamon roll in the morning,” Mason began. “The rage came out.” After a joke about how Dickens physically abused her on set, yanking her from the truck and kicking her in the face, Mason revealed the truth of a serious injury she acquired creating the scene.”

“We got a little excited and as she was pulling, I was pushing, and I think the combination just resulted in me falling on my shoulder and it popped out,” Mason said. “They heard me screaming when they popped it back in on base camp which is like a mile away…”

What did you think of the midseason finale of Fear?

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