Andrew Lincoln Talks About First Impressions Of Negan’s Arrival


Andrew Lincoln Talks Negan’s Arrival

In a rare interview with Variety, Rick Grimes-actor Andrew Lincoln spoke about working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the first time and his attitude, as Rick Grimes, towards what was happening on set.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“It was a pretty traumatic and intense and weird two nights,” he told interviewer Geoff Berkshire. “It’s an astonishing scene and I thought Jeffrey Dean Morgan was just magnificent and magnetic in it. But also it was the first time I had felt a sense of unity and focus and intensity from everybody.”

“All around the camera and also from the entire cast — I hadn’t felt like that since Season 1. It was a really exciting atmosphere on set. I think everybody realized that we had to rise to challenge and create this suspense for the scene to work and the episode to work…”

An Unspoken Feeling Of Actor’s Being Killed Off

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

What’s interesting about the scene is that the viewers are really experiencing everything from Rick Grimes’ point of view. Lincoln said the script was even written this way so we could see what Rick was going through first hand.

“There’s an unspoken feeling on set when we know somebody’s dying. We link arms, bow our heads and pull each other through it. I suppose that’s what they call omerta, the code of silence in the mafia,” said Andrew Lincoln.

The Code Of Silence On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“We have our own code of silence in The Walking Dead. It’s so intense and so traumatic to be losing a friend. It’s not just a professional relationship, it’s a personal relationship. So we all decide to not talk about it when this happens,” said the actor.

Andrew Lincoln also said he felt physically sick when he read the script to find out that Glenn was going to die, after the many years that he and Steven Yeun worked together, since the very beginning.

Lincoln felt “powerless” and “frustrated” about the episode…

How did you feel watching the episode from Rick’s point-of-view?

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