5 Times Walking Dead Stars Graced Entertainment Weekly Covers


Bat Man Returns

Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

It’s clear that Entertainment Weekly loves The Walking Dead. Over the years, they’ve put cast members of the show on the cover and Eugene-actor Josh McDermitt even blogs for the publication on occasion.

Walking Dead Gear Up For New Season

Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

Back in Season 4, this cover shows Daryl Dixon on top of his trusted motorcycle. The image combines Daryl’s new, long-haired look with his classic poncho, that’s wrapped around his neck, almost like a cape.

Daryl Dixon has changed too much since Season 4, at least not on the outside.

Carl Grimes Prepares For Walkers

Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

This cover was an alternative for the Daryl Dixon motorcycle-poncho picture. In this photo, Chandler Riggs looks intense as Carl Grimes. Clearly, this was the season before he got shot in the eye.

Daryl Dixon: “Bite Me”

Norman Reedus | Photo Credit Just Jared

Another classic, Norman Reedus stands next to his cover photo where he portrays Daryl Dixon in a classic “Bite Me” shirt. The photo shows off Daryl Dixon’s general demeanor while also showcasing the classic zombie show.

New Characters, Freakier Zombies

Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

This is one of our favorite covers. Here, Danai Gurira stands as Michonne, but she’s got somewhat of a Bruce Lee-like movement to her katana. The photo was likely done by taking multiple shots or some sort of time lapse.

In addition to Michonne’s sword, there were some other covers that showcased the other characters and their weapon talents. The other covers include Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and a dual cover of Maggie and Glenn.

Rick Grimes uses his fists to fight, rather than his trademark gun. Daryl Dixon has an arrow, but no crossbow. He’s jumping in the air like Brad Pitt in the intro to Troy as if he’s going to stab a walker with the arrow. Maggie and Glenn are locked and loaded with handguns.

Which of these covers is your favorite?

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