What You Need to Know about Leonard’s Mom Part 2


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Since our last article on Leonard’s mom ran long, we will continue our season by season analysis of her, starting with season 7.

In “The Raiders Minimization” of season 7, Penny buys a psychology book that Beverly has written all about Leonard’s childhood called “The Disappointing Child.” Though it is understandable for Leonard to be upset about this, he takes advantage of Penny in order to get her to do things with him that he likes to do. After Penny learns about his behavior, she dresses up for sex and then for revenge makes him Skype with his mother. Beverly wants to discuss why Leonard keeps involving her in his sex life. When he was six, Leonard walked in on his parents while his mother was spanking his father with a ping-pong paddle. However, Leonard thought it was just a nightmare. Ouch.

In “The Status Quo Combustion”, Leonard contacts his mother to make an announcement. However, Sheldon has already told her about his engagement to Penny. He resents that she talks to Sheldon more than him, but declines to talk with his mother regularly. She has had her doubts about Penny, but because of Sheldon’s good opinion of her, Penny is good enough for her. Leonard is annoyed that his mother’s focus is on herself and is never concerned about his wellbeing. Beverly wonders why Leonard has to have her approval and tells him to “work on it.”

In the episode “The Maternal Combustion” of season 8, Beverly visits Pasadena to see Sheldon and Leonard get an award. She meets Mary Cooper (Sheldon’s mother) and wants to know about Sheldon’s childhood. Though warned to be nice to Mary, after religion is mentioned, as religion is a big part of the Cooper family life, she says she forgets how much superstitions mean to some people. Of course, this starts an argument. Later while talking to Sheldon, she admits that there are other ways of raising children besides her own opinions. She tries an “unconditional love” approach by trying an awkward hug with Leonard.

Beverly appears again in season 9 in “The Celebration Experimentation.” Beverly flies to Pasadena for Sheldon’s birthday party. Sheldon attended her 60th get together that Leonard didn’t even know about. Penny levels the playing field by stating that she didn’t know about their Vegas wedding. Beverly toasts Sheldon saying that they all can’t wait to see what other successes he has in the future. Also, Barry Kripke keeps flirting with Beverly all throughout the party which pleases her, but not Leonard.

She returns in “The Line Substitution Solution” where Penny tries to connect with her, but Beverly ends up bonding with Amy and Bernadette instead. Penny has enough and yells at Beverly for being impossible all day and asks Beverly if she even knows what an insult is. Beverly then tells Penny she feels insulted that she wasn’t invited to her son’s wedding and for not being told that it was even happening. To make up for that, Penny decides on doing a re-wedding while Beverly is still in town.

Beverly appears again in “The Convergence-Convergence” where she isn’t happy that her ex-husband, Alfred, is also attending the re-wedding and the two exes end up arguing. Beverly even manages to interrupt Alfred’s toast to Leonard. Also, Beverly and Mary Cooper clash once again.

With all the trouble that Beverly Hofstadter causes, how bad can the reveal of Penny’s mother and brother be in season 10?