Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki In Talks For Roseanne Revival


Roseanne In Talks For Series Reboot

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Roseanne

Many have likely forgotten or never knew, that The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki got his first major role on the 80s/90s sitcom, Roseanne. Now that the show is coming back in 2018, it’s possible that Galecki will also return with the show.

Roseanne Bar and John Goodman have already signed on (despite that Goodman’s character died at the end of the series), and now the other cast members of the original series are in talks of returning to the sitcom.

Before his role as Leonard Hofstadter, Galecki starred as David Healy.

John Goodman Returns, Despite Ending

Source credit: Yahoo

Digital Spy reports:

“It was recently revealed that the revival will ignore the events of the season nine finale, in which it was revealed Goodman’s character Dan dies of a heart attack. It looks like it will also ignore David marrying Becky instead of Darlene, who he had previously been with for years.”

“This is a good thing because that finale was a true shark-jump moment. The publication also states that Roseanne could go up against the CBS comedy By the Book in the schedules, which is noteworthy because Galecki is producing it.”

Roseanne Set Standard For Dysfunctional Families

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Entourage

Roseanne was on the air for nine years. When Roseanne Barr announced that she and some of the original writers were returning to discuss the reboot, fans and cast members seemed to support the big move.

While the show was on the air, Roseanne won three Golden Globes and another seven Primetime Emmy Awards, while also setting the standard for many dysfunctional family sitcoms that followed the show.

Fox News writes:

“At the moment, Galecki is a lone standout of the cast that hasn’t been confirmed to return. John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman, Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke have all confirmed that they’ll be back.”

Do you plan to watch the reboot of Roseanne?

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