Did Bernadette’s Voice Change from Her first Episode on the Big Bang Theory?


Melissa Rauch, the Big Bang Theory, Bernadette, voice

Picture by: http://stumong.tumblr.com/

If you happen to browse through some of the Big Bang Theory fan boards around the internet, a question some fans ask is that if others have noticed how Bernadette’s voice has changed since her first appearance on the show. To which many have replied with yes, they have noticed that. But why, the voice change?

When Bernadette first makes her appearance in the episode “The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary,” The actress who plays her, Melissa Rauch is speaking in her normal voice. As her reoccurring episodes are seen, her voice starts to take on its trademark squeaky pitch. Melissa has said in an interview that the voice change was a way to give her character a “fun trait” The squeaky tone is actually based off the actress’s own mother, according to Rauch, just without the New Jersey accent.

Rauch actually did the voice first when she initially auditioned for the role. It was that tone change that really made her stand out against the other ladies that were auditioning for the role of Bernadette. Though the fan base is a little bit split over their opinion of Bernadette’s voice, while cruising the fan boards I discovered some fans dislike for it. It is really hard to imagine Bernadette without her trademark squeak.

To me, it really adds to her small, nerdy, microbiology loving character. I find it also adds to the overall physical appearance of Bernadette. I mean, Howard finds himself a cute little scientific girl with an adorable little voice, how could he not marry her? The actress, Jennifer Tilly, has a similar appeal to me.

Of course, as mentioned before, there are fans out there that don’t share my opinion. They think more along the lines of “How can Howard wake up to that voice?” I feel this has more of a Fran Drescher opinion. You can’t please everyone, right?

Though the majority of fans must enjoy Melissa’s take on Bernadette’s voice since the voice has stuck throughout the seasons. Rauch can take pride in the idea that was hers and which helped shape a popular character. An interesting question some fans are asking is what would Bernadette and Howard’s child sound like? Would they have a girl with a high pitch, or a much deeper pitch? Or how about a boy with a high pitch? Low pitch? It certainly is an interesting thing to think about besides what the kid will look like.

Until the baby is born, we can take comfort in hearing and seeing Bernadette on screen, with the rest of the cast, of course. September is fast approaching, which means that season 10 will be here before we can say “Bazinga!” There is some speculation out there that this may be the final season for our favorite nerds. Could it be true? Even if it is, there always DVDs and plenty of Big Bang Theory merchandise to collect. Trivia, anyone?