Worth Another Look -5 Places To See Johnny Galecki Before Big Bang Theory


With 50 credits to his name, The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki is no stranger to film and television. One of the first places fans spotted the actor was in the 1989 sequel, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which still airs annually today.

Galecki As Rusty In Christmas Vacation. 

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Christmas Vacation

Galecki As Jason On Blossom

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Blossom

Only two years later, the young actor made a special appearance on the show Blossom, in an episode called “Sex, Lies, and Teenager.” Blossom, of course, was played by his The Big Bang Theory co-star, Mayim Bialik.

Blossom also launched Joey Lawrence’s career.

Galecki As David Healy On Roseanne

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Roseanne

Above all else, Johnny Galecki’s role on Roseanne is likely what launched his career. He had been on shows like American Dreamer and Billy, but Roseanne was really the first show of its kind. So much so, there is also a reboot in the works.

Galecki As Trouty On My Boys

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit My Boys

A few years after the young actor made a name for himself as Darlene’s boyfriend on Roseanne, he had a short role on the Jim Gaffigan-lead television series, My Boys. Galecki played Trouty for two seasons.

Trouty was reoccurring but not the star of the show.

Galecki As “Galecki” On Entourage

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Entourage

Finally, there’s Johnny Galecki’s altered personality as an altered version of himself on HBO’s Entourage. The show was known for pushing boundaries and creating unusual versions of well-known celebrities.

Initially, the actor was against playing a “jackass version of” himself, but the producers and fellow actor Kevin Connolly (Eric) liked that people didn’t know much about Galecki’s personal life.

The actor revealed, “We sat and talked about just playing on the idea that people don’t really know much about me, personally, so we can basically create any sort of myth that we wanted.”

The character is actually pretty iconic on a show known for being wild and full of special guest appearances.

Have you seen all of these previous roles for the star?

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