Spoilers Claim Sheldon’s Friends Will Urge Amy To Say Yes


Fans were left shocked and confused when Sheldon Cooper got down on one knee at the end of The Big Bang Theory Season 10 finale. Sheldon flew to Princeton after kissing Ramona in his office and immediately proposed. Here’s what the internet is saying will come next.

Trouble In Paradise

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We’ve made out own predictions about the fate of Sheldon and Amy. We just can’t imagine Amy won’t be hurt by finding out about Ramona’s kiss, and we also can’t imagine she would marry Sheldon after realizing what spurred his engagement.

However, Spoilers are now reporting that Sheldon and Amy’s friends will urge Amy to say yes. This makes sense. Amy will most likely say “maybe,” or just ask why Sheldon felt compelled to ask. Then when she finds out the truth, she will probably need some convincing when it comes to saying yes. Penny and Leonard have always been supportive of Sheldon and Amy’s relationship, and we can imagine that the gang would assure Amy Sheldon had no ill will when it came to Ramona.

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Plus, Raj and Howard are the reason Sheldon and Amy are together in the first place. They insisted Sheldon and Amy meet after they were labeled “perfect matches” on a dating website. When you set up a couple, you want to see them succeed no matter what. There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes with being a great matchmaker.

A Laurie Metcalf Guest Appearance

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We predict a Laurie Metcalf guest appearance in Big Bang Theory’s future. If it’s true that Amy will need some persuading, Sheldon will need support, and when Sheldon needs support, he looks to his mother. 

Mary Cooper will probably be hard on him for allowing Ramona to put him in this situation, but we also imagine she will help Amy to understand. Plus, the producers will probably want Mary Cooper to be seen to tie together Young Sheldon– the spin-off series premiering after Big Bang Theory

What do you think will happen in Big Bang Theory season 11?

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