Sadie Robertson Finally Discovers The Spanish Phrase These Kids Were Saying About Her


Sadie Robertson visited the Dominican Republic recently, and the local kids kept saying a Spanish phrase.

Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson is in the Dominican Republic on a mission, and the local kids kept saying a Spanish phrase about her (photo via Instagram)

In mid-July, she went there to do a mission for God.

“Can not wait to serve him in this amazing way!” she said on Twitter.

And it seems she immediately fell in love with the kids there, as she explained online.

“Most of y’all know my precious Dominican Republic friends have become like family over the years of getting to grow together and do life together,” she said. “We laugh together, we play ball together, we teach each other new words, we sing, we dance (A LOT), we draw, and we encourage!”

And just recently, she posted a photo on Instagram of her surrounded by the local children.

There was one boy in the picture who experienced a first.

“It was this little buds first time to see the ocean,” Sadie wrote. “He was a little nervous at first so we just set and let our toes touch the water until a BIG wave came and from that moment on he was in my arms, and I am totally okay with that. My heart is full.”

But all along, the kids there kept saying a Spanish phrase that she didn’t know the meaning of at first.

Finally, she got to the bottom of these foreign words everyone kept saying in reference to her. And she shared the story on Instagram.

“I hear a common phrase in Spanish among the kids on the reg so I finally asked what they were saying,” she wrote.

The phrase, she found out, means, “Sadie is crazy and dances weird.”

We’ve seen this first hand. She’s posted videos on Instagram of herself doing funny dances multiple times. It’s clear why the local kids she visits love her.

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