Sadie Robertson Begins New Project Using Her Instagram Account


Sadie Robertson refuses to stop spreading the Good News. 

Yet again using the power of social media, Robertson says she wants to start a weekly Bible study through Instagram. She invites fans (and really anyone) to join her.

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Christian Post

She’s a big name in the world of Christian motivational speakers, earning a lot of exposure (and gaining 2.8 million Instagram followers) because of Duck Dynasty.

In this announcement online, she says she’ll be using her book Live Original and the message it shares to spread God’s word. 

“[Live Original] is introducing Wednesday words!” her announcement reads. “Each Wednesday on the Live Original page I will be reading Scripture for some mid-week encouragement. I hope this hits you exactly where you need it at just the right time. Tag a friend who needs to be encouraged and follow [Live Original] for each week’s encouragement.”

Sadie Robertson | Photo Credit Instagram

This all started with the Live Original tour and the LO brand, both seeking to help young people in their walk with God.

Last year, Robertson asked God to give her a way to reach a lot of people at once.

“Whenever you decide that you can’t limit yourself and that God can do amazing things … He’ll take you to places you never even thought you could dream,” she said in an interview with Rare, according to CBN. “I remember praying when I was little, ‘God, just give me something, give me a platform, give me people to reach.’ I would have never thought that He’d give me this platform or this many people to reach.”

And as it turns out, God’s plan was way bigger than hers (no surprise there).

“I used to plan what my life would look like, then I realized God will take you to so many bigger places than you can ever imagine,” she told The Christian Post. “So why try to plan?”

“My plan, although it may have been a good plan,” she added, “it wasn’t as good as the plan that God had for me. I would have never imagined I would be at the places I am today or done things that I’ve done today.”

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