You Will Never Guess Mayim Bialik’s Ridiculous Reason For Returning To Television


Mayim Bialik has been on television for a very long time. The actress took a hiatus from acting for many years after starring in Blossom. Her reason for returning to acting and joining The Big Bang Theory might surprise you.

Mayim Bialik Needed Health Insurance

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Mayim Bialik is a multi-talented woman. She first came into the public eye when appearing in Blossom as a young teen. The child star had a knack for acting from an early age and quickly grew in fame and fortune. However, as she approached adulthood, Mayim wanted to expand her academic range and decided to enroll at UCLA. There she studied neurobiology, and eventually went on to receive a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

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Mayim had been teaching science classes and working on research when she realized she was in a predicament. She had two sons to support and her husband was in school. Mayim explained, “The true story is I was running out of health insurance…and figured if I could even get a couple of acting jobs here and there and if it’s enough to get you your Screen Actors Guild Aftra health insurance, we would at least have insurance. My then husband was still working on his master’s degree. I was teaching neuroscience for about five years. And I was not expecting to be a full-time actor. But this show called, ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ brought me on.”

The “Stable” Acting Career

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Mayim is very lucky to have happened upon TBB. It’s very uncommon to seek an acting job as the “stable” option. Most actors will tell you the road to success is very bumpy, uncertain, and definitely not stable. However, for Mayim, the alternative was teaching with no health insurance for her family. She obviously had connections from her younger acting years, and the talent to back it up.

Can you believe Mayim Bialik returned to acting for the health insurance?

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