Kaley Cuoco’s Weirdest Relationship Moments…Love Makes You Do Strange Things


Kaley Cuoco is in what seems to be a very secure and quirky relationship. She and Karl Cook have been together for a few years now, and it seems they’re as comfortable as ever with each other.

Here are their weirdest relationship moments to date.

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook

Kaley Cuoco met Karl Cook at a horse show, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. The Big Bang Theory star has said, “

I finally found my horse guy. “It was very meant to be…We share our passion for horses and dogs, and all of that, It’s been so lovely.” Karl’s birthday happens to fall on Christmas, and Kaley celebrated their first year dating by saying, “‘You are a gift in every sense of the word, which must be why you were born on Christmas. I love you…”

As time has gone by it seems this couple’s silly nature has come out more and more. Recently the pair took “a trip of a lifetime” to Australia, where they went on a six-mile hike. Karl felt secure enough in his relationship to post this hilariously unattractive photo of Kaley. He said, “So if anyone was wondering what six-mile hike over loose rocks is like with the love of my life…..well….we have never been happier, together…in this moment…”

Kaley shared a similar photo earlier in the summer portraying the couple on a rafting trip. It seems Karl is always having a good time while Kaley struggles during their outdoor activities. 

Retainers And Love

Just accept it ???? ???????? #braceface @mrtankcook ❤️❤️❤️

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This couple is so comfortable that they posted a photo together in their retainers. That’s definitely true love. They somehow managed to still look adorable in their orthodontic gear.

Swingers ???? @mrtankcook

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We love this weird couple and are so happy for Kaley. It seems she’s finally found a relationship where she can be herself, and let her weirdness come out. She and Karl definitely geek out over outdoor adventuring and horse shows- Penny and Leonard would be proud.

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