Johnny Galecki Will Appear In The Roseanne Revival…Despite Competing Big Bang Theory Contract


Fans were thrilled to hear there will be a Roseanne revival series debuting on ABC.

They’re going to be even more thrilled when they hear The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki will be participating in the reprise.

Johnny Galecki In Roseanne

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Before Johnny Galecki brought to life the nerdy and lovable Howard Hofstadter, we knew him as David Healy from Roseanne. David was Sarah Gilbert’s boyfriend and love interest, and he appeared on five seasons of the hit sit-com. He played a major role in the plot line, and it would be strange if he weren’t at least mentioned in the revival.

When it comes to Johnny appearing in the Roseanne revival, things get a bit sticky. He recently signed a contract along with the rest of his cast to be on board for two more seasons of Big Bang Theory. The revival will be on a rival network, ABC, so it’s really up to CBS and the legal teams to figure out the logistics.

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However, we can rest assured that Johnny will be appearing “in some capacity.” Laurie Metcalf, another TBBT cross-over actress, is also said to be on board.

Many fans have pointed out that Johnny learned a lot of the comedic timing and skill he uses on TBBT from RoseanneThe actor moved to Los Angeles as a teenager and grew up on the series. Today he is successful in part thanks to the fame and experience, Roseanne gave him.

The Roseanne Revival  Plot

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Roseanne Barr has said she knows exactly what the Roseanne characters would be up to these days, so we’re pretty sure we know what the Roseanne revival plot will be like. Barr said that Johnny Galecki’s character David would have dumped Darlene for a younger woman and that Roseanne and Jackie would be opening a medical marijuana dispensary. Sounds like the makings of a hilarious reboot.

Will you tune in to see Johnny Galecki appear in the Roseanne revival series?

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  • Anonymous

    Howard Hofstadter’s???

  • Anonymous

    never noticed a howard hofstadter on there

  • Heather

    He plays Leonard Hofstadter…not Howard. Check your first sentence!