Jim Parsons Is In Utter Shock Over Big Bang Theory Turning 11


Jim Parsons recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and expressed his shock and awe that Big Bang Theory is turning 11. Here’s what the star had to say about the milestone.

Jim Parsons In Shock

Jim Parsons appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show earlier this week and looked as young and as adorable as ever. While the star said he can’t believe over ten years have now passed, we have to say he doesn’t look a decade older at all.

On aging, Jim said, “There’s a part of my brain that just does not understand that I was 33 and that I’m not anymore…Like this show’s gonna end at some point, and I’m going to be like ‘I can’t wear this anymore! I am an old man!'” 

We certainly don’t think Jim Parsons is an old man, but we do see his point. Characters on a series tend to be ageless. We don’t think of Sheldon Cooper as being ten years older, he’s just Sheldon and always will be. Plus, most comedy series don’t stick around for this long, so we never see their characters grow old.

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Jim also talked about working on his new project- adding voice over and executive producing for Young Sheldon. Jim seemed to perk up at the concept of working on something new and exciting.

Jim Working With Iain Armitage

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Jim admitted the writers put Iain Armitage, the new face of Sheldon Cooper, through the ringer when it came to casting. He said, “They wrote the most trial by fire lengthy horrible…not horrible it was funny, but a two-page monologue. And all these kids were coming in with it, and they were really good.”

Iain, who was selected off of a tape his mother filmed at Christmas time, ended up getting the part. The 9-year-old has wooed audiences and producers, including Jim. Jim called Iain’s tape “mind-blowing.” 

We can’t wait to see more of Jim Parsons, and Iain Armitage when both The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon premiere in September.

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