The Robertsons Didn’t Quite Get Enough Money…


The Robertson family set a goal of raising $100,000 for the Mia Moo fund foundation. Sadly, they didn’t quite reach their goal. However, they still celebrated the large contribution they were able to bring in.

The Robertsons’ Fundraising Goals

The Robertsons didn’t quite meet their lofty fundraising goal this year. Missy and Jase Robertson aimed to raise $100,000 for the #ShaveJase campaign. Jase Robertson planned to shave his iconic beard off for fans, if they contributed $100,000 to the fund.¬†

Unfortunately the family didn’t quite make their mark. In the Facebook Live video Missy posted of the family event, she admitted the goal wasn’t exactly achieved. Korie Robertson spilled the beans that the family only raised $35,000 in an Instagram post. “Yep,” Korie said, “this just happened! [Mia Moo] raised $35,000 to help children with cleft palete and Jase Shaved.” She then jokingly hashtagged “one of these things is not like the other.”

“We raised a lot, but we’re short a lot.” Missy Robertson told her brother in law, Willie. “A lot?” Willie asked. “More than what’s in my wallet?” He joked. Willie also jested that he’d wait to see if he likes how his brother looks without a beard before he makes a donation.

Where The Money Goes

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Thought they were 65% short of their goal, $35,000 is still an incredible amount of money that will be put to good use. The Mia Moo website states, “The Mia Moo Fund is proudly raising funds that will go towards literature, services, and equipment, that will ultimately help the community and those affected by cleft lip and palate throughout the US.” And in case you were wondering if your entire donation will go towards help, rather than CEO’s pockets, the website also states that 100% of donations go towards helping kids and their families. Fans and supporters can donate online, through a basic donation or by setting up a corporate scholarship.

Once again the Robertsons have made a difference in this world and created a whole lot of entertainment in the process.

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