Phil Robertson Calls Out, “We need your support!”


Phil Robertson Calls Out, “We need your support!”. 

Something bad is happening.

The Robertson family may be getting pulled off A&E entirely. The problem, according to the people at the network, is simple. There are not enough viewers re-watching and continually watching the show.

Duck Dynasty first aired 2012. After 10 seasons they’re being scrapped just like that. It’s sad really, that such a dedicated family can be thrown out so easily. Especially when so many people look up to them for guidance, inspiration, entertainment and support. It’s typical of Hollywood though.

It’s hard to believe, with the obsessive nature of the people watching the show. I don’t know for, sure but just about everyone I know loves Phil, Si, Sadie and the rest of the Duck Dynasty clan more than any other family on TV.

Why is that you may ask? Here’s my guess.

The Robertson family consists of real people. Unlike shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians or any of the Real Housewives of anywhere… The Robertson family is real. They’re real, red-blooded Americans who care about this country and where it’s going.

Sure they’re not perfect, but who is? I know I’m not. But I do know that the Robertson family has integrity and morals they stick to. That is something hard to find in this day and age, and something I think we can all appreciate. Christian or not, there is no denying that the DD family is strongly bonded and very supportive of one another.

As we all know, the execs in Hollywood are no B.S. when it comes to money and numbers. They will throw people under the bus, out the window or simply let them go without two thoughts. So I’m not surprised in the least that I’m hearing this. That doesn’t mean I support it though. To me, a family that has put this much time in deserves a chance to regain their footing with fans. Even though they’ve made mistakes as we all do. They still should have a chance for their viewers to help them get their show up and running again like it was in the beginning.

If you’re a diehard lover of the Robertson family, have any respect for them, or have ever benefited from any of their wisdom, here’s what I suggest you do. Reach out to A&E network they air on and say you want the show kept running.

Then share this post on Twitter, FB, Google + and anywhere else you can think of to show the execs in Hollywood you’re serious. The more people they get supporting the show, the better chance we have at seeing another season run.

Until then, keep your fingers crossed and make sure you updated with the articles published on this site.

*Editor’s Note: This post was edited for accuracy September 19, 2016.

  • oldagg

    I love Phil and Miss K is the greatest – Si is unique in America!! I personally feel Willie has gone a little to main stream and I was very disappointed in the whole Dancing With The Stars thing. There is no way that show is Christian in any way shape or form – they should have turned them down. Gyrating pelvises in short skirts and come hither looks are not what the New Testament talks about in the actions for young women.
    That all said, the show was always going to have a limited run. There are only so many believable and real situations that can be shown. Maybe it has gone its natural course. Maybe the individuals in the family or even the whole family can repackage under a new series or transition into other fields – Phil into Political Commentator like Will Rogers maybe.

    • teresa

      I agree, I enjoyed the show and watch a few reruns now and then. I also thought it unbecoming of them to be on dwts. Then I heard that all their shows were scripted and that kinda burst my bubble but I’m still a fan. I stand behind Phil all the way. In my opinion he is a man of God and not ashamed to proclaim! I’m sure the Lord will continue to use this family.

      • Jessie

        I don’t care either way, never watch the show, I don’t support haters and bigots, even if they say they are christian’s.

  • The Gift of Jericho

    Show is funny, but odds are they lost viewers when Phil came out and said stupid things. Willie also being a Trump supporter doesn’t help, because that trainwreck is only getting worse. Everyone else in their family seems fine, they just shouldn’t be ignorant like the politicians they support(I know plenty of Conservatives and Liberals who don’t act like the buffoons they elect).

    • Glennfollower07

      Stupid things? The were trying to shut them down the first time because the Nazi slime of Islamic groups wanted them to stop talking about Jesus, then they went after him because he doesn’t believe in Homosexual marriage, then they went after them because his son supported Trump. The intolerant Nazi left can shove it.

      • John Madden

        For all the talk about how the Hollywood Liberals need to stay out of politics, so do the southern reality show conservatives.

  • Stone Angel

    Most people I know would not know Phil Robertson any better than any other Redneck Bigot. I think the fad part has passed.

  • NN

    Phil R. is a homophobe and who knows what else and his tubby little son supports Trump so……bye bye

    • Daisy Carter

      Just knew you were a nasty liberal! lol lol

  • Halftrack2

    Ride the Trump Train down the drain.

    • Al LaBorne


  • Veronica Phillips

    I love the robertsons! As far as who they support we are in trouble either way! To stay on track about this issue A&E needs to know that they are making HUGE mistake,, WE the ppl want to see them,I know I do,,I have had brain surgery so I don’t remember what day they come on,,so everyday im looking lol ,everytime I write it down I forget where.everyone please leave nice comments to keep them on,, why would I jump on their train to bash DD or find some other reason ti take them OFF. I look up to them, they are inspirational to me, they are on my BUCKET LIST.

  • Veronica Phillips

    Also it is a GOOD FAMILY SHOW!! Look how long we had our kids watching the damn DOUGERS!!!!! BTW THEY R BACK ON,, GRRRR. AND THEY WANNA REMOVE PHIL? Comeon now.

  • joe petrosky

    They have been on for a long time. God will find new ways for them to be heard if it is canceled.

  • Carolyn Dickerson

    Willie Robertson was on a news show on FOX (Hannity I think) and stated that this IS indeed their last season so I am confused about this article. Is this regarding reruns?

  • someonesgrandma

    This is frustrating. I thought the Robertson family made the decision to discontinue the show. I didn’t think they wanted to continue filming. Why should we ask A&E to do something the Robertsons don’t want?

  • James N Janette Dodd

    My family will be watching the show. Please bring it back!! The Dodd’s

  • Nita Henry

    I love the show.

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