Dress Shopping with Willie Robertson and Uncle Si?


Si Robertson 

Shopping for a dress for your teenaged daughter is rough. Even more so if you’re the daughter. Double that if you’re the daughter of Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson.

Apparently, Willie is having a hard time with the dress selection available for young women these days. One of the fan’s favorite moments is when Willie takes Sadie shopping. First they had to return the dress she originally bought.

When the store clerk asked what was wrong with the full skirted strapless blue dress Willie replied, “It needs more material.”

Did I mention that Uncle Si came along?

Yeah. And of course, wherever Si goes, so does his gallon jug of ice tea. That didn’t go over so well with the dress shop clerk. Si’s motto, whereever he goes, his tea goes.

The biggest problem is that Willie wanted one style– one that covered his little girl completely. Sadie just wanted a pretty dress.

While Sadie and Willie are trying to find something that resembles more of a burka than an evening gown, Si asks a manikin to dance.

“When I was young, I used to practice talking to girls by talking to manikins.” Si explained.

While it might have weirded poor Sadie out, they both did a pretty good job at ignoring him. But then, that’s not always the best idea to leave Si to himself for too long.

That’s when Uncle Si decided to do a little shopping himself.
“Look here. My style is so fresh and clean. You don’t even have to wash it before eating it.”

Imagine Uncle Si with a purple hat with a yellow band topping off a matching purple vest. Oh yeah, this of course was layered over his pink and brown camouflage shirt and pants.

“I’m so dope, that I’m illegal in 55 states.”

In the meantime, the pile on the floor of rejected dresses is starting to get pretty high. The question Willie kept asking was simply, “Is this an appropriate dress for my little girl?”

Unfortunately, the answer kept coming back–“no.”

“Think defense,” Willie told Sadie.

By this time, Si was sporting a can, and an all white ensemble, while Sadie was feeling pretty blue in the dressing room.

Then, Sadie’s mom showed up to save the day. Just in time to see Sadie come out of the dressing room with a beautiful light blue dress with a full black skirt.

“That’s beautiful. That’s the one.” Willie told his daughter.

Because Willie was more concerned about finding a dress that covered Sadie’s shoulders, he didn’t really look at the dress she was wearing. This was the original dress.

While Willie would like to see the full length denim dress make a comeback, at least he’s willing to let his little girl grow up– at least a little.

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