Creators of “The Walking Dead” Put An End To Cliffhanger Season Finales


The ending cliffhanger at the end of The Walking Dead left fans frustrated and pissed off, wanting the next season to start as soon as possible. The end of season six was a hard one and in case you’ve missed out, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed a TBD main character with his beloved baseball bat.

Since fans were so upset the series creator, Robert Kirkman said the show will most likely never leave fans hanging in suspense like that in the future.

During an open interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kirkman admitted fans of The Walking Dead, seriously lashed out at him and his writers. When the complaints hit the studio and eventually the writers, everyone decided to let go of the suspenseful, cliffhanging, season finales.

I guess the way Kirkman looked at it, from watching the interview is, you have to try new things in the show. It’s important to keep fans energized and out of stagnation with the typical endings.

But if you ask me, that’s exactly what the fans want and why we all love The Walking Dead. It’s the general feeling of dread and terror as our favorite protagonist fights off another horde of “walkers.”

Kirkman is correct from one standpoint however. The reality is, when you try new things in a show with such a massive cult following like The Walking Dead, you win some and lose some. By the way, those are the words of Kirkman himself.

What he said exactly was, “You get to season six on a show and you try new things and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.”

His hope is that fans of the show, people like you and I, understand the main reason behind trying new things on the show. It’s to keep the show engaging and exciting. Scott Gimple is doing his best with all his effort to keep the show new and fresh episode to episode for us all.

As long as they keep throwing us suspenseful scenes and keep our favorites alive, I’ll be happy. And even keeping the characters alive is debatable for a great series. Sometimes those are the shockers we need to keep the show fresh and make room for new blood to come in. Although, I don’t know or can imagine, who would replace Rick Grimes or Daryl Dixon.

In an interview with TV Guide after the end of The Walking Dead, Season Six, finale Gimple stated that they have an understanding of why they do what they do and always do it with the best intentions. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So it could be said it’s also the road to frustrating some fans from time to time. In any case I believe they genuinely care about their audience.


*Editor’s Note: This article was edited September 19, 2016 for accuracy.

  • Hunter421

    It wasn’t so much that the season ended in a cliffhanger, it was that for several episodes leading up to the season finale we were lead to believe that Negan would kill a cast member in that same season. This comes in the same season that they “killed” Glenn then brought him back. Still a great show.

  • Darla Sawyers Hansen-Cross

    I love a good cliffhanger. Everyone are whiners. A cliffhanger keeps you coming back for more. Good job Kirkman! And as much as I like Glen I hope they follow the comic. If not it won’t allow Maggie to become a leader!

  • Bonnie Nye

    I feel that if there wasn’t suspense, drama, and cliffhangers, millions wouldn’t be watching from week to week and season to season. Whomever is still intent on seeing TWD is truly a fan and a supporter no matter what. Through 6 seasons, I hide my eyes each and every show to not see the “dreadful death”, but then watch it after my husband tells me what happened. I can’t take seeing it the first time around. Still can’t watch the episode with Hershel getting killed. Know about it, but can’t watch it.

  • Stephen Cass

    The problem was having a massive cliffhanger just a relatively few short months after having a massive cliffhanger that dragged on for 1/2 a season. After the whole Glenngate, they throw another huge cliffhanger on the viewers? There’s a fine line between challenging viewers and abusing their loyalty by toying with them like a cat and a string. Sometimes you got to let the cat catch the string or they lose interest. With the finally, they got the audience so wound up with tension and then gave us no relief. With Glenngate, people got wound up but over it cause it was a short mid season wait before we got answers. When they did that with the finally KNOWING you are making people wait for 6+ months, of course you are going to piss a good chunk of them off. Myself, I am Now almost hoping it’s Glenn cause I see NO ONE else’s death making the payoff worth the tease.

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