Big Bang Theory Actors Reveal Their Favorite Episode Over The Years


The Big Bang Theory comic con panel at 2017’s convention was jam packed with interesting information about the actors, and what goes on behind the scenes on the CBS set. At this particular panel the actors revealed their favorite episodes, and which scenes they didn’t necessarily love.

Kunal Nayyar Liked Getting High

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When a Big Bang Theory fan asked the actors their favorite episodes to film, Kunal Nayyar’s immediate answer was, “I liked it when the three guys got high in the desert.” Kunal is referencing The Adhesive Duck Deficiency in which the guys go to see the Leonid Meteor Shower, but accidentally eat cookies laced with marijuana. 

Kunal explained further, “I got to make fun of Simon’s accent, and Johnny’s accent, for the American accent I got to make fun of it.” Apparently Kunal liked turning the tables a joke usually made at his expense.

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Kaley admitted her favorite episode was The Scavenger Vortex, in which Raj created a scavenger hunt for the entire gang. Kaley said she liked the episode because, “A lot of us were apart of it, I liked that, It was just really funny…I like when we’re all doing things together. It’s very physical, it just always makes me laugh….Melissa pushed me over, she’s wickedly strong, it was fun.”

Kunal’s Least Favorite Scene

It would seem that the actors don’t necessarily love acting out every single scene. Kunal Nayyar admitted he didn’t particularly love filming with Kevin Sussman in the hottub during season 10. In The Hot Tub Contamination Raj and Kevin both sneak into Bernadette and Howard’s hot tub without them knowing. 

Kunal explained, “It was a little disgusting, but not because of Kevin…Kevin was the best part of the hot tub.” Kunal went on to explain that the hot tub was a bit dirty and that the actors kept bumping into one another. He said, “hot tubs should be nice and bubbly and dark, this had lights underneath so you could see every layer of fat…”

Were these some of your favorite Big Bang Theory episodes? We personally loved watching Kunal and Kevin in the hot tub.

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