A Complete List Of Mayim Bialiks Most Controversial Moments- Her SHOCKING Videos


Mayim Bialik has caused quite a stir over the years. The Big Bang Theory actress recently admitted she’s been focusing on growing her Youtube presence, so we thought it would be a good idea to look back at her most shocking and controversial videos over the past few years. Mayim certainly never shies away from a hard conversation.

Mayim Bialik’s Controversy

Mayim Bialik is an outspoken woman in Hollywood. As a practicing Orthodox Jew, a liberal feminist, and a former child actress, she has quite a unique perspective and worldview. The star frequently speaks out in the name of modesty, equality, feminism, and activism.

One of her more controversial videos was entitled, “Why Is Everyone Getting Naked?” In the vlog, Mayim explained she’s sick of seeing plus sized actresses strip down in the name of empowerment, and that she thinks it sends the wrong message to young women. This video was particularly controversial because it seemed to call out some major names in Hollywood, including Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham. 

Mayim pulled in over 1 million views with this shocking video entitled simply, “Divorce.” Mayim divorced the father of her children when the boys were 4 and 7. In the video, she candidly describes what it’s like to co-parent and try to raise her boys in a cohesive and healthy environment.

The Burkini

The TBBT actress once again turned heads when she posted a video entitled, “Burkini-Inspired Swim Fashion Show.” In the video, Mayim states, “Some women wear Burkinis because it helps them conform to religious notions of modesty by covering up nearly completely. Others see this as oppressive and as a rejection of our sexual selves…” Mayim has a talent for describing a controversial topic with ease, and her academic nature sheds quite a bit of light on sensitive subjects.

It will be interesting to see what other controversial topics Mayim Bialik chooses to tackle in the future. Is there any one thing you’d like to see her talk about?

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